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Now on TGWTG: Hagan Reviews: Rock & Rule

It’s the spectacular finale of Season 5! Armies march on Haganistan as the murderous traitor Teddy is holding Hagan captive with the aid of his steel-faced cyber minions.  The defenses are down, and the situation dire. Is there any way for the Mistress to get out of this one?

After all, there is a movie waiting to be reviewed, and it’s one of those cult classics just begging for the Hagan treatment. Mutated animal people in a future dystopia find themselves wrapped in a plot to summon Lovecraftian horrors via the power of rock.  Hovercars, strange fanservice, baffling performances and aimless writing ahoy!

Find out what happened, then rate and comment!


Patrons who have pledged $2 or more can now access this year’s BroCon live review performance. The movie in review is Mel Gibson’s The Passion, and the Lecher Bitch is in top form. This is a merciless obliteration that you shouldn’t miss!

KorksCosplay: DerKork as Hagan
This honorable effort by derkork was shared via Facebook by Hagan herself.

KorksCosplay: DerKork as Hagan

This honorable effort by derkork was shared via Facebook by Hagan herself.

As little as $2 will get you early access privileges. It’s not too late to sign up for this one!

Flubs: (Ultimate) Versus

In this edition of Hagan!Flubs!: Sexual organs, giddiness, animal assault, dramatic exits gunkata time, gun tricks and more!


I know that the only version that exists to the public is a 45 min cut compiled from all publicly released clips, but I think a Diamanda Hagan review of Canzo Empyrean could be interesting.

Nanoview: Cthulhu

Hagan takes a quick and dirty look at a rare and mythical being: A Lovecraft adaption with a gay twist to it which is not entirely horrible!

Post-Brocon Megapost!

Diamanda Hagan went to BroCon and did a lot of fun things. Above, we have a quick Vlog she shot on-site.

Below, you may behold demo images from the The Passion review filmed on-site:



And finally, here’s what the Mistress herself said about the occasion on Facebook right after her return:

Just back from BroCon and as per usual the guys are a delight and the con is fun, warm, friendly and oh-so irreverent. It was fun meeting yet another pro voice actor in Paul St. Peter (and playing Cards Against Humanity with him!) I’m so glad people liked my weird movies panel and I hope to have the ep I recorded there (The Passion) up in a few days. Now I hide for a while.

Hagan Cameos: Last On The Bandwagon - Chrono Trigger

When tehSmarty(cus) and Marzgurl attempt to review the SNES classic Chrono Trigger, they get stuck in a timeloop… And they get a very important visitor.